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AGL Demo Integration Workshop #1#

Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018

Attendees: Jan-Simon Möller,


  • Graphics, HS/WM disussion
    • homescreen service might be rewritten
    • windowmanager no api change
    • after waltham transmitter merge only a few more patches
    • Fulup: Speech & starting applications / foregrounding application → who is providing the api.
      • lifecycle in homescreen service ?
      • foreground needs to be done 
  • Discussion around how to implement raising an app by the speech engine  on the whiteboard
    • Currently:
      • 1st get app_id from af-main
      • 2) show_window(app_id) to homescreen-service
    • Future: 
      • just    show_window(<tbd>) to homescreen-service
    • Switch planned after Karlsruhe
  • Discussion around how to know which application is in foreground
    • not implemented already
    • aka lifecycle  foreground/background/start/stop
    • missing functions will be added by Tanikawa-san until Karlsruhe (first patches)

  • Discussion about SPEC-640 (DLT-alike logging daemon)
    • Review spreadsheet in SPEC-640
  • Fulup presenting about monitoring about supervision in appfw as closest feature to DLT

Wednesday, Nov 7th 2018



  • HW equipment shipping has not discussed. We'll confirm with Toyota-san at 8th/Nov
  • Progress on smixer/unicens front. Issue identified and working on fix
  • lin making progress but does not fully work, yet
  • old cluster demo being tested on FF→ weston crash. debugging

Thursday, Nov 8th 2018