1. Timelines / Milestones ?
    1. Halibut: (~June 8th)
      1. sessionmanager with udev detection
      2. appfw/security portal  w/ smack / named sockets
      3. volume controls
      4. input w/o buffer
      5. ? bluetooth ?
      6. config api evolution in parallel
    2. Icefish:  (~Nov 22nd)
      1. sessionmanager with config IF and unicens support
      2. bluetooth
      3. policy plugin
      4. input path for voice w/ buffer available
      5. device↔device link (KF radio)
  2. What needs to be ported, who and when ?
  3. Discussion on Architecture and Requirements

Notes during the meeting:

Architecture Diagram to start with:https://confluence.automotivelinux.org/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=9404429&draftShareId=03363209-aee5-4d35-9e96-cd70b5b1ffea&#

session manager able to configure dsp?

  one client per each ALSA device in case of hardware mixing

   open/ proprietary networkmanager separate!

  external (zephyr/autosar) devices reserve/create ressource

  Gateway/Portal handling ressource/ACL management. Returning ressource URI  (socket or network endpoint)  ?

George: original idea is to create and configure the pipewire socket; more discussion needed

Potentially desired mechanism for content protection:


1) client connects using (no / invalid) token

2) service reacts with refusal and ID/Link to authority

3) client connects to authority

4) authority grants token

5) client connects to service w/ new token

6) service checks token with authority

7) authority verifies token

8) access granted

→ similar / equal to oauth/openID mechanism

Summary #1:

TODO: Session Manager first.


  nodes appearing inside pipewire, representing the devices and the clients

  client connected to alsa device through DSP and using a filter plugin in the middle

  gateway in session manager ?

  hardware device graph, somewhere else in the car

  wireplumber internal design

Talking points for WED: