The AGL Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Expert Group (SDV-EG) (formerly known as Virtualization and Containers Expert Group (EG-VIRT)) is responsible to design and implement virtualization solutions for AGL. Containers, Hypervisors (both based on Virtualization Extensions and TrustZone) and any other virtualization solution for x86/ARM are considered to be of interest for this Expert Group.  The AGL Unified Code Base (UCB)  supports the KVM hypervisor on the Renesas RCar M3 platform.
The SDV-VIRT expert group has been focused on defining the Virtualization platform architecture of AGL since 2018. One result of the work is this white paper
In 2020 the Expert Group began to focus on making VirtIO available for AGL and various open source hypervisors. 
In Feb 2023 the Containers and Mesh EG was merged into Virtualization EG and the new group was renamed the Software Defined Vehicle Expert Group. The legacy Container and Mesh Confluence page can be found here.

For more information about the technical objectives, members involved and target events see the specific section below.


  • Joel Winarske - Toyota - Expert Group Lead
  • Mitsuo Date - Woven Alpha, Inc
  • Jake Ito - Denso
  • Scott Murray - Konsulko
  • Marius Vlad - Collabora

The discussions of this EG are done via the public AGL mailing list. 


Regular meetings are scheduled on weekly on Thursdays. The upcoming schedule can be found on the AGL project calendar.

The IVI Expert Groups meets every Thursday. The full meeting calendar can be accessed here.  

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Meetings agendas and reports can be found on the AGL wiki page.

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What is IVI-PR Profile?


 By providing quality requirement or production source codes to IVI-PR Profile by each company, we aim to achieve the current AGL quality is brought closer to mass production quality and an ecosystem is built.


 This profile makes it easier for OEM/Tier1 to contribute code.

 IVI-PR profile codes will be merged to IVI profile after the quality is assured.

 ■Action item

 ①Contribute product code

 ②Develop Profile

 ③Improve software quality

 ④Cooperate with other EG

 ⑤Merge to IVI-profile


 Anyone can join!


  1. Hello IVI EG,

    I would like to attend the next developers call if i'm able, and just to confirm if my understanding is correct meeting runs fortnightly with the next being Tomorrow 1st April time 12:00 - 13:00 (UTC)  is that correct ?

    please advise 

    1. Hi Bernard,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the time you mentioned is correct.