(Working in Progress)


  • Between same ASIL Level or not

  • On same hypervisor or not

  • On same PCB or not

Inter-VM Communication

  • Between Hardware: One SoC, Multi-SoC, Cloud, …
  • Between Operating Systems: Generic OS, Safety OS, …
  • Between Applications: Generic App, Container, …


  • Orchestration for application (such as k8s)
  • Orchestration for system or virtual machine (similar to hypervisor)

Communication for

  • Applications
  • Libraries
  • Operating Systems
  • Devices
  • Services
  •    (on same OS, other OS, other SoC or cloud)

ADAS Usecase

  • Can VirtIO be used in ADAS use cases?
    • ADAS seems to be ASIL-B
    • Devices used for ADAS are also ADAS-B
    • One possible example.
      Receives some data on the RTOS side and outputs it to the IVI screen.

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